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Years ago, light dimmers were very popular for producing a lower light output whilst also reducing the amount of energy consumed by incandescent and halogen lighting technologies.  The ‘banning of the light bulb’ saw an introduction of a technology where compact florescent bulbs replaced many of the traditional light bulbs.  Unfortunately, these bulbs were difficult to dim and looked horrendous. 

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Light dimmers thankfully are making a return, with the new style dimmers working perfectly with the newer LED lighting technology we see today.  There is not quite the need to dim LED lights to save energy, but the need to lower the light level is more the need of today. 

New light dimmers that have recently come onto the market offer some brilliant new features not previously seen.  Firstly, dimmers can be fitted to multiple positions on the home to dim a light.  An example of this is where a central light was fitted in a hallway, but a dimmer could only be installed at one end and a traditional on/off mechanism at the other end.  

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We now see great innovation from Australian companies that provide the ability to dim lights from multiple positions (some claim up to 16), with new emerging technology that will also allow secondary control from your smartphone too. 

At Goodwood Electrical, we are across the latest technology in dimming and in fact, we have been instrumental in assisting manufacturers with their product development.  We’ve been lucky enough to see the new emerging products that we cannot disclose, but be assured the future of controlling and dimming your lights is about to get even better.

We listen carefully to our customers and provide a solution that will surpass expectations whilst respecting budgets.


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