Before you call..... Goodwood Electrical offers a true, after hours service but before you call for an emergency call out, please check the following.... Is there a general power failure to your home from SA Power Networks? Unfortunately, sometimes power may be interrupted to your home by the infrastructure supplier, SA Power Networks. Please check SA Power Network's 'Power Outages' web page at... https://outage.apps.sapowernetworks.com.au/OutageReport/OutageSearch Is a Safety Switch (Residual Current Device or RCD) tripping? RCDs or safety switches as they are commonly known, are designed to interrupt the current in a circuit very quickly so as to attempt to save lives, wiring and appliances. These should not be confused with circuit breakers or fuses which are designed to protect cable. The tripping of RCDs can be very annoying and the cause often difficult to determine. One of the most common causes of an RCD tripping, is an appliance that is plugged into a power outlet that has a fault.  Switching off a problem appliance is not enough!  If you need to isolate all appliances to determine if an appliance is causing a problem, you must unplug all appliances from socket outlets.  It may be difficult to do this as some appliances (such as refrigerators) may be too difficult to unplug. Goodwood Electrical offers an after hours call out service. Please contact our office number (08) 7078 2217 even after hours, and your call will be directed to our on-call electrician. In many cases, we may be able to talk you through your problem without the need for an electrician to come to your home or business. Emergency electrical