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Goodwood Electrical understands the massive shift to LED downlights and the technologies available for LED down lights in this fast changing landscape.

Goodwood Electrical Downlight

LED downlights have in recent years, become very affordable.  It was not so long ago, an LED downlight fitting would cost in excess of $50.  Today, there are excellent quality fully Australian approved products for about $20.  Many of these newer downlights can be fully covered with ceiling insulation, unlike the older halogen types that have been known to cause house fires if insulation was too close. Being able to cover new style downlights means less heat loss during winter as the hot air rising in a room has previously poured though the air-gap around the downlight and escape into the roof-space.  With the old halogen globes using over 50 watts of power per light, LED downlights tend to provide greater light output whilst consuming about 9 watts.

warm white downlight by Goodwood Electrical

Quality LED downlights can be dimmed to very low levels without flickering.  Many cheap downlights that can be bought online, have poor dimming performance and in many cases, barely comply with Australian standards if at all. Cheap downlights are cheap for a reason, usually low quality electronics that will fail quickly when exposed to a bit of high temperature found in our ceiling spaces. If your home has older style halogen downlights, then you could be saving up to 80% off your lighting energy consumption as well as reducing your heating bills too. 

LED downlights come in a range of ‘colour temperatures’ too.  The colour temperature refers to the colour of the light output of the light. The warmer, more yellow light output is referred to warm white and has a colour temperature of 3000K (this is Kelvins, a measure of absolute temperature). The cooler, more white colour is referred to as cool white and has a colour temperature of 5000K.  If you have been putting off changing to LED lights due to the very white fluorescent look of the light output, be assured the ‘warm white’ output from today’s LED fittings perfectly match the warmer yellow output from older style halogen lights. At Goodwood Electrical, we can install new LED downlights as well as replace old style halogen downlights with new efficient fittings.  In many cases, there is no need to change the fixed wiring at all so replacement is quick, easy and most importantly, inexpensive.

We listen carefully to our customers and provide a solution that will surpass expectations whilst respecting budgets.


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