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Goodwood Electrical understands the massive shift to LED lighting and the technologies available for LED lighting in this fast changing landscape.

LED Lighting

LED lighting has in recent years, become very affordable.  It was not so long ago, an LED lamps would be very expensive.  Today, there are excellent quality lamps for under $5 with a life in excess of 30,000 hours.  Many of these newer lamps run much cooler than their incandescent predecessors. With the older typical incandescent lamps using over 60 watts of power per light, LED lights tend to provide greater light output whilst consuming about 9 watts. 


LED Lighting

Quality LED lamps can be dimmed to very low levels without flickering.  Many cheap lamps that can be bought online, but they tend to have poor dimming performance and in many cases, barely comply with Australian standards if at all. Cheap LED lamps are cheap for a reason, usually low quality electronics that will fail far quicker than the quality lamps. If your home has older style halogen, incandescent or compact fluorescent (CFL) lamps, then you could be saving significant energy whilst dramatically extending the life of your lamps.  


LED lamps come in a range of ‘colour temperatures’ too.  The colour temperature refers to the colour of the light output of the light. The warmer, more yellow light output is referred to warm white and has a colour temperature of 3000K (this is Kelvins, a measure of absolute temperature). The cooler, more white colour is referred to as cool white and has a colour temperature of 5000K.  If you have been putting off changing to LED lights due to the very white fluorescent look of the light output, be assured the ‘warm white’ output from today’s LED lamps perfectly match the warmer yellow output from older style halogen lights. At Goodwood Electrical, we can install LED lamps into existing fittings as well as replace old style halogen downlights with new efficient fittings.  


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