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Reduce power and save money

transmission linesAdelaide has the highest power prices in Australia, possibly the world!  Whilst there is not a lot we can do to fix this short term, there are lots of ways we can trim our energy consumption without the inconvenience.  We waste a lot of money on our power bills when we really don't need to.  There's the obvious visible solutions like switching off lights when rooms are not occupied.  Whilst lighting typically doesn't always account for energy waste, there is one major exception.  I say typically, because older type (halogen and incandescent) lighting is very inefficient and costly to run.  


 Save significant money on lighting

warm white downlight by Goodwood ElectricalAn older style 50W halogen downlight actually consumes closer to 55W or power.  The new style LED downlight consumes about 9W (about a 82% saving).  Let's put this into dollars and cents... If you have 4 halogen downlights in a kitchen that run 6 hours per day/night, this is the typical cost of running those lights...

55(W) x 4 (downlights) x 6 (hours) = 1,320W/h per day

multiply this by 365 days (per year) = 481kW/h per year

Energy typically (now) costs about $0.44 per kW/h which means these 4 downlights are costing $211 per year to run!  This is not a mistake.  High power prices and old-style lights cost a fortune.  

Now, replace these 4 downlights with LED downlights, the power needed is ...

9(W) x 4 (downlights) x 6 (hours) = 216W/h per day ... multiply this by 365 days (per  year) = 78.8kW/h per year

This will cost $34.69 per year to run!  A saving of over $176 per year

You may say that the cost of swapping the downlights will be too expensive.  Not so.  We can swap the example 4 downlights for $100.  This includes new downlights and GST.  

Furthermore, new LED downlights seal better against the ceiling, providing a less heat loss/gain

Standby Power

Today, most standby power is a tiny amount of your total  consumption. For over 10 years, the Minimum Energy Performance Standard (MEPS) has ensured standby power of devices such as flat screens and A/V equipment is extremely low.  Typical TVs today use less than 1W of power in standby mode.  To put this in perspective, your TV will use in a day, what your halogen downlights from our earlier example will use in 6 minutes.  Devices such as modern phone chargers do not use any standby power so leaving them plugged in and switched on is not a problem. Ironically, some of those energy saving power-boards that are sold to reduce power from your modern electronic equipment often use more than the devices they switch off!

Solar Panels

If you have solar panels on your home, it's important to understand the feed in tariff (FIT) you have applied.  Panels that were installed prior to 30th September 2011, have a very high FIT.  That is, the energy provider is paying you a lot of money for the power you are putting back to the grid.  If your panels were installed under this system, you are best to use as little power as you can during the day, and use power when the sun has gone down.  If your panels were installed after 30th September 2011, then you are better to use power when the sun is shining and reduce your use when there is less sun.  Optional consumption such as pool pumps, washing machines, dishwashers etc, should target the option that suits your situation.  Ultimately, batteries will step into the market and help here, but the battery market is still immature so a cost effective solution is still a way off yet.

Please contact us at Goodwood Electrical if you would like to discuss further how we can help you save energy and money on the following.  



  • Renovation wiring to help reduce power
  • Ceiling fans, especially for high ceilings to reduce power
  • LED lighting in homes to reduce power
  • Efficient Reverse Cycle Split-System Air Conditioning installation to reduce power
  • Energy efficient lighting that keeps in the character of your 
  • Home Automation systems including Clipsal's C-Bus system to reduce power
  • Meterbox monitoring of power use
  • Motion Sensors for controlling outdoor or indoor lights to reduce power
  • Off-peak Heated Floors or timed towel rails in bathrooms to reduce power


C-Bus Systems
 Smoke Alarms
 Outdoor Lighting
 Surge Protection
  Motion Sensors
✓ Heated Floors
 Downlight Conversions
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