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Goodwood Electrical has been instrumental in the shift from ionization type smoke alarms to the superior Photo Electric (PE) type.  

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Smoke alarm laws have recently undergone a significant change in Queensland.  Banning the use of ionization type alarms in favor of the PE type puts Queensland at the forefront of this essential item.  Ionization type alarms have been typically slower to react to the fires that are associated with materials we have in our homes and have therefore been deemed to be inferior.  PE smoke alarms are much less prone to false alarming too from such triggers as minor cooking mishaps or steam.   At Goodwood electrical. we only supply and install PE type alarms.  We always ask the question of our customers… “how old is your smoke alarm”? if it is older than 10 years old, it should be replaced.  Smoke Alarms only have a finite life and must be replaced after 10 years of service.   


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All smoke alarms must comply with the Australian standard AS3786:2014 and must have been tested to this standard before they can be sold in Australia. We strongly advise our customers to chose rechargeable backup battery models so there is no need to replace the backup battery every year.




In all states of Australia (except Queensland) all homes need to have smoke alarms within 3 meters of a bedroom door.  If multiple alarms are installed in a home, then those alarms should be linked so if one alarm activates, all alarms sound.  In Queensland, all bedrooms must have a smoke alarm and all exits from bedrooms must also have alarms too. 


Smoke alarms can also be unobtrusive with flush-mount style smoke alarms also being available.  These alarms tend to be more expensive, but are significantly smaller than their surface-mount cousins.  


We listen carefully to our customers and provide a solution that will surpass expectations whilst respecting budgets.


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