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 Surge Protection

In early December 2016, I took a call from a friend who has air conditioner had been hit with a surge. The unit’s circuit-board was damaged and the circuit-board no longer available.  The installation had no surge protection which is too common in Adelaide.  The only course of action…replace the whole system at a cost of $8,000-$12,000. 

surge damage  









I took a look at the electronic board and on close inspection, I noticed it was only a couple of components damaged.

surge damage












The damaged components were surge protection devices. They are sacrificial devices that blow after a surge.  .

After replacing the components and cleaning up the board, the system fired up perfectly!  My friend ‘dodged an electrical bullet’!

I followed up putting surge protection in the electrical switchboard to prevent the same thing happening again. 

I’m posting this story now as it seems there have been other cases that had the same scenario with air conditioners with blown circuit boards that have cost owners thousands to replace. 


How to prevent this from happening to you…

Have Goodwood Electrical install surge protection in you electrical switchboard… simple!

If you are not sure if you have once of these devices fitted, we’re happy to take a look for you.  Your electrical switchboard should have……

  1. Fuses or Circuit Breakers – to protect the home’s wiring against over current faults

2. Residual Current Devices (aka safety switches) – to protect human life and appliances against earth faults

3. Over Voltage/Surge Protection – to protect the home against over-voltage conditions as described above..

surge protection


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