Below are some of the questions we get asked frequently which may be of help if you have any queries. Alternatively, if we do not answer your question please contact us.

Am I able to contact your electricians although I am not located close to the Goodwood area?

Yes, Goodwood Electrical does not only offer services within the Goodwood vicinity, but across Adelaide. We are happy to commute to any area within the Adelaide region.


A service I am after is not listed on your services page, where do I go from here?

If you have any queries regarding our services, please contact us and our electricians will be happy to answer any of your questions.


When can I contact Goodwood Electrical regarding an emergency service?

In the case of an emergency, Goodwood Electrical is available 7 days a week for any issues that require immediate attention.


If we have not answered your question, please give us a call on (08) 7078 2217 or alternatively email through your query.