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Goodwood Electrical provides a comprehensive service for supply, installation and programming of Home Automation Systems in Adelaide.

Touchscreen Home Automation Adelaide by Goodwood Electrical

From simple room control to whole home automation solutions, we have a wealth of experience with systems such as Clipsal’s C-Bus right here in Adelaide.  We’ve been involved heavily with product design with major manufacturers like Schneider Electric with significant contribution to their Clipsal branded C-Bus Home Automation system. We’ve lived and breathed home automation systems for over 20 years and are passionate about providing the most out of installed home automation systems installed in Adelaide.  Whilst the switches look pretty cool, it’s what goes on with the home control system that’s just as important.  We’ve heard lots of stories from many clients who’ve had home automation installed in Adelaide. Reports are, they just thought the home automation system could do a lot more.  We pride ourselves on providing systems that exceed expectations.  It’s really a case of understanding how to configure home automation system components to interact with each other to provide maximum benefit.

Providing a home automation system that can tackle lighting control as well as multi-room audio, integration with security, air conditioning, irrigation, swimming pool control as well as blind control…. all of these should always be a consideration. Of course, home automation systems are scalable so it’s possible to have as little or as much as you need.

Aspects of Home Automation Systems in Adelaide

Home Automation is the integration of multiple services in your home so they communicate with each other and most importantly the homeowner.  There are many aspects to this and below we have listed just some of these. 

Lighting Control systems in Adelaide

Being able to chose and change where your lights are switched or dimmed from, is the major draw-card of the system. LED downlights can easily be controlled, with home automation systems starting to shift to colour control of lights too. We can also provide control of feature lighting such as multi-coloured LED strip lights that are very popular.

 Multi-room Audio in Adelaide

Being able to listen to your music in any room is a great feature of Home Automation. Whether you play music from CD’s, listen to the radio or stream from services such as Spotify, your music can be delivered to multiple rooms in the home including outdoor entertaining areas.  You can also chose to control many of the features from mobile devices particularly if you are using a streaming service.

Air Conditioning Home Automation Control in Adelaide

Whether using a whole home ducted air conditioning system or split system air conditioning, our home automation systems allow for integration. No need to have the ugly switches on the wall in the hallway for zone control. You can use the same attractive home automation switches that are used for lighting as well as having local control in each room. You can even put control on a touchscreen or your smartphone too.  You can control virtually any brand of split-system air conditioner you may have in your home as we integrate with the ground-breaking Airtopia control system, even when you are not at home…. great for those hot days when you need to switch on the a/c before you get home.  Airtopia gives the ability to also look at the history of the air conditioner recording the room temperature and the power consumption. Of course, this information also becomes available on the home automation system too. 

Swimming Pool Home Automation Control in Adelaide

Home Automation Adelaide eDLT switchHow much can Home Automation integrate with swimming pool control in Adelaide?  The answer is… lots!  From control of pool lighting or checking the pool temperature to full blown chemical dosage and monitoring, home automation with pool control can be extremely useful. The temperature of the pool water should relate to how long the pool pump runs in salt water chlorinated pools. the warmer the water, the longer the pump should run for. Now, couple this with solar electricity panels, your home automation system can tell the pump how long it should run and when free (excess being generated above being consumed) power is available. And… if the home automation system knows how long the pool pump has been running, then it can also let you know when to clean the pool filter too.  Pool temperature monitoring can also be used to make sure the water is ‘stirred’ if there is a solar blanket on the pool. By running the pool pump only when the surface water gets above a certain temperature, there is no need to run the pump all day to stir the water..  factor in the ‘stirring time’ to the pump run time for chlorination, and you’ve got yourself a very efficient control system. If you need to clean the pool by hand and want to boost the pool pump (manually set it on), this duration can also be included automatically in the run time of the chlorinator…  These are the factors we look at when we design a home automation system for our customers in Adelaide

We listen carefully to our customers in Adelaide looking for Home Automation Systems and provide a solution that will surpass their expectations whilst respecting budgets.

When looking for Home Automation in Adelaide, think Goodwood Electrical Service’s Adelaide Home Automation specialists for..


  • Home Automation in renovation wiring for extensions
  • Home automation control of ceiling fans
  • Home Automation and C-Bus control of LED lighting in homes
  • Intercoms to front gates with gate control options
  • Home Automation control of Reverse Cycle Air Conditioning
  • Home Automation of Power Points both inside and out
  • Home Automation of swimming pools and spas
  • Home Automation systems including Clipsal’s C-Bus system
  • Smoke Detectors that link to Home Automation systems
  • Power monitoring and control with Home Automation Systems
  • Motion Sensors for controlling outdoor or indoor lights with Home Automation Systems
  • Heated Floors or towel rails in bathrooms controlled with Home Automation
  • Temperature monitoring and control


C-Bus Systems
 Smoke Alarms
 Outdoor Lighting
 Surge Protection
  Motion Sensors
✓ Heated Floors
 Downlight Conversions
 Bathroom Heaters
 Exhaust Fans




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