Goodwood Electrical can supply and install split systems to your home. We can also install a unit you may have purchased from a retailer. We provide the complete installation including electrical, refrigeration, mounting (indoor and outdoor units) as well as condensation drains. We then provide a full system test including high pressure testing and temperature differential testing for the system.

What is a reverse cycle, split system air conditioner

 Split system air conditioning systems take the basic technology used in the old in-wall units and splits it into two parts.  The quiet indoor part that is more ergonomically designed and the slightly noisier outdoor unit.  The two parts are joined by some cables and refrigerant pipes.

split system reverse cycle air conditioner

Goodwood electrical can advise on the appropriate unit to install, the best location and most importantly, at an affordable price too.  We can provide most major brands at very competitive prices.

Book early to ensure we can schedule an installation as once the heat is on, appointments fill up fast.

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