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We at Goodwood Electrical are taking a short break… First time since Covid came into our lives in March 2020.  We’ll be closed until Monday July 4th.

If you need an electrician, please contact our good friends at …

Gregory Electrical and Data (Linden) 0416 620 228 (contact Linden for C-Bus issues… he’s a wiz!)

Sea to Sky Electrical (Dan) on.. 0402 701 823

These guys are fantastic local electricians who share our passion and values for servicing our community.


Goodwood Electrical thermostatGoodwood Electrical can provide under tile in-floor heating to bathrooms and ensuites controlled from simple thermostats to full home automation integration.  Our under tile heated floors are inexpensive and are designed to provide the right amount of heat underfoot for the designated area.  A carefully designed and installed under tile heated floor will reduce mould and ensure towels are dry. Configuration of an under tile heated floor ensures that it operates when you need heat both at the right time of day and during the right season of the year. 

The cold winter nights in Adelaide should not mean you need to have cold floors underfoot in the morning.  Whilst heat lamps with exhaust fans go part of the way to heating a bathroom, under tile floor heating is by far the better option.  With heat lamps, your head tends to get hot and your feet are cold... I guess on average, it's warm  

When Goodwood Electrical integrates under tile bathroom heating into home automation, you get a truly efficient automatic system. We configure the under tile system to monitor both the room temperate and the outside temperature.  From this, we can have the system 'charge' the floor with the right amount of heat. If there's a mild spring night, the floor won't need to operate. If it's a cool night, it may operate for an hour or so... just enough to take the chill off the tiles. If it's a cold night, the system will put a full heat charge into the floor.  The system can also have an afternoon or evening boost. This is great if you have young children who have an evening bath. 

 At Goodwood Electrical, we only use quality heating cables that are embedded in the slurry (this is the top section of mortar, just under the tiles). This is by far the most energy efficient way to heat bathrooms.  We have studied carefully over the last 15 years, how the heat transfers down through a concrete slab and the losses associated with this. From this, we have discovered the right amount of charge that needs to go into the floor.  Combine this with the room and outdoor temperature sensors, our algorithms ensure you have a truly efficient under tile floor heating solution. If you want unobtrusive control, we can put the control on your home automation light switch.  This can display room temperature, target temperature and outside temperature too.  We'll also hide the temperature sensors so you won't even know they are there.  

 We listen carefully to our customers and provide a solution that will surpass expectations whilst respecting budgets.


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